[MIMAS logo] MIMAS Metadatabase: Progress Report, June 2001


Confirmation Statement

I confirm that the project development is being conducted under the terms agreed in the initial contract with JISC.

Aims, Objectives and Methodology

No changes in project scope from original proposal.

Highlights, Outcomes and Important Findings from project

A first pass of producing metadata for the MIMAS services has been completed.

Awareness has been raised within MIMAS and some work has been undertaken by service support staff.

Changes to original award

The start of the project was delayed until 1st May 2001 due to recruitment problems. An internal appointment has been made.

Project staff

Involvement with Programme

Publications and Publicity

The project has been the subject of internal publicity only at this stage.

A Project web area has been created at http://epub.mimas.ac.uk/dner.html

Engagement with Potential Outcomes Users

The project and production of MIMAS Metadata has been discussed with MIMAS service support staff. The issue of raising awareness is very significant.

Attended presentations/workshops/training courses as follows:

Detailed Progress and Future Plans

The main efforts of the developer have concentrated on familiarisation as he was completely new to the technology (but not new to the services MIMAS provides).

A first draft of MIMAS metadata, covering most of the MIMAS services, has been produced. It is currently held in a spreadsheet format, but a small amount of this metadata has already been converted to XML.

An XML DTD is being developed for the metadata, which will then be indexed using the Cheshire software. It is aimed to have a demonstrator by end August 2001.

Some enhancements and 'bug fixes' have been passed to Cheshire development team at Liverpool/Berkeley. This resulted in a new version being developed and subsequently released to MIMAS on 10/7.

The MIMAS Metadatabase project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) for the UK Higher and Further Education Councils as part of the JISC Services DNER: Z39.50/Authentication Programme.

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