[MIMAS logo] MIMAS Metadatabase: Progress Report, December 2001


Confirmation Statement

I confirm that the project development is being conducted under the terms agreed in the initial contract with JISC.

Aims, Objectives and Methodology

No changes in project scope from original proposal.

Highlights, Outcomes and Important Findings from project

High-level metadata has been created for all MIMAS services.

A corresponding 'metadatabase' has been created and is searchable via web or Z39.50.

Changes to original award

The start of the project was delayed until 1st May 2001 due to recruitment problems. An internal appointment has been made.

Project staff

Involvement with Programme

Publications and Publicity

A Project web area has been created at http://epub.mimas.ac.uk/dner.html

Engagement with Potential Outcomes Users

The project and production of MIMAS Metadata has been discussed with MIMAS service support staff. Notably this includes the Census metadata being created as part of the DNER CHCC Project.

Attended presentations/workshops/training courses as follows:

Detailed Progress and Future Plans

High-level metadata, covering all of the MIMAS services, has been created. It is held in XML and conforms to a DTD developed specifically for this project. The XML DTD follows the draft 'Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML'. The metadata itself is Dublin Core with some MIMAS-specific extensions and requirements forming a MIMAS metadata application profile.

The XML has been indexed using the Cheshire software. Access is supported via a web-Z gateway and directly as a Z-target. Z39.50 result formats supported are: SUTRS, both brief and full records; GRS1; XML / Dublin Core, as required by the Bath profile; and REF, a simple tagged format. 'Explain' information is provided by the database. A number of enhancements and bug fixes were successfully introduced to Cheshire during the reporting period by the Cheshire team, including the implementation and release of 'sort' functionality.

A MIMAS metadata hierarchy has been defined, which has been implemented within the metadata itself using the DC relation 'isPart'. Information about access requirements for the MIMAS services will be added.

An informal scheme has been defined for the MIMAS subject keywords. More standard subject term schemes will be investigated. Also an informal scheme has been defined for MIMAS resource types, supplementing the high-level types in the DCMI Type Vocabulary.

Within the web interface to the metadata, the hierarchy is displayed as 'isPart' and 'hasPart' relations, with activated hypertext links to the parent or child metadata entry. URLs for the MIMAS services described by the metadata entries are also activated hypertext links.

The metadatabase will be demonstrated to all MIMAS support staff on 17/1 for feedback. After this, and subsequent refinement, the database will be made available for external examination.

The MIMAS Metadatabase project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) for the UK Higher and Further Education Councils as part of the JISC Services DNER: Z39.50/Authentication Programme.

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