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DescriptionXML ElementSearchBriefFull Display / SUTRS
Resource Titledc:titleTitleyTitle
Resource Alternative Titledct:alternativeTitle Alternative Title
Resource Creatordc:creatorAll fields Creator
LCSH Keyworddc:subject/LCSHKeyword Keyword (LCSH)
UNESCO Keyworddc:subject/UNESCOKeyword Keyword (UNESCO)
Keyword/phrasedc:subjectKeyword Keyword
Resource descriptiondc:descriptionAll fields Description
Resource publisherdc:publisher/mimas:agentAll fields Publisher
Metadata Creatordc:publisher/mimas:admin   
Other contributordc:contributor   
Record creation datedct:created   
Record modified datedct:modified   
Publication datedct:issuedAll fields Publication Date
Other datedct:valid|dct:availableAll fields Date
Resource Typedc:type  Type
Resource formatdct:medium  Medium
Resource sizedct:extent  Size
Metadata record identifierdc:identifier/mimasidAll fields MIMAS ID
Resource URLdc:identifier/URI  URL (Web:link)
ISSN of journaldc:identifier/ISSNAll fields ISSN
Other identifierdc:identifier  Identifier
Sourcedc:source  Source
Resource Languagedc:language  Language
isPartOf MIMAS resourcedct:isPartOf/MIMAS  isPartOf (Web:title&link)
hasPart in MIMAS   hasPart (Web only:title&link)
Relationship to other resourcedc:relation  eg. isVersionOf
Spatial Coverage (ISO3166)dct:spatial/ISO3166All fields Country (ISO3166)
Spatial Coverage (UNESCO)dct:spatial/UNESCOAll fields Country (UNESCO)
Spatial Coveragedct:spatialAll fields Place
Temporal Coveragedct:temporalAll fields Time
Access Informationdc:rights  Access

The MIMAS Metadatabase project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) for the UK Higher and Further Education Councils as part of the JISC Services DNER: Z39.50/Authentication Programme.

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