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Access with a Z39.50 client

Sorry, Z39.50 access is no longer available.

The basic connection details for the MIMAS Metadatabase Z39.50 target are as follows:

Address: metadata.mimas.ac.uk
Port: 2223
Database name: mimas
Record syntax: SUTRS, GRS-1 or XML

The following Bib-1 Use attributes are searchable:

Record syntaxes

Records are available in the following syntaxes. More detailed information about the fields within returned records may be found in the MIMAS Metadatabase technical documentation and software documentation.

Field names

Field names in records with element set name REF are abbreviated to two-letter codes, as follows:

AB: Abstract
AR: Access Information
AU: Author/Creator
DA: Date (other than publication date)
FM: Resource Format
ID: MIMAS Metadata Record Identification Number
IS: ISSN of a Journal
IU: Volume / Issue
KW: Subject Keywords/Phrase
LA: Resource Language
NO: Other Identifier
PB: Publisher
PD: Publication Date
PL: Spatial Coverage
PO: isPartOf MIMAS Resource (MIMAS ID)
RL: Relation to another Resource
SC: Source
SZ: Resource Size
TI: Title
TM: Temporal Coverage
TY: Resource Type
UR: Resource URL

The MIMAS Metadatabase project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) for the UK Higher and Further Education Councils as part of the JISC Services DNER: Z39.50/Authentication Programme.

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